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Mold Testing Pittsburgh, PA,.

Looking for a in-home mold test in Pittsburgh, PA? Absolute Safeguard has performed hundreds of mold tests throughout Pittsburgh. We provide mold testing for an entire house including the furnace and duct work. Call today to schedule your mold inspection and keep your family safe.

We visually inspect for the tell-tale signs of mold throughout the home.  If we notice anything that looks suspicious, we include the item in our inspection report and alert the buyer during the physical inspection. We take a swab sample, send it to our testing lab and report our findings to the buyer or customer.

We cannot determine from mold testingPittsburgh mold test which of these components is the primary source of the mold, whether from the furnace or the duct work. We turn on the furnace fan, and turn off the heat or air conditioning and we run the air through the whole house and onto a petri dish. We leave a petri dish in a busy area of the home such as the living or dining area for 1 or 2 hours. As people move through house the petri dish will pick up mold spores from the ambient indoor air. We examine and report these findings to our customer. If there are mold spores in the house anywhere they will grow and become visible in the petri dish.

Some mold inspectors comment that the mold indoors measures lower than outdoors. However, this fact is irrelevant. If mold spores exist inside the home it needs to be re-mediated.

The World Health Organization, or WHO, confirmed in 2009 that mold is a health hazard. Our mold testing service is a specialized type of inspection that goes beyond the scope of a general home inspection and consequently we treat this service separately. Absolute Safeguard Home Inspections conducts four types of mold tests that measure for indoor moisture and microbial growth.

  • Swab test
  • Settling Petri dish sitting in ambient air of home
  • Air Pump
  • Whole House and Duct work